Unspoken Rules

Here are the terms of service for this blog – okay, they aren’t really terms of service – they are more like the unspoken rules that I use to run this blog.  Except of course, these rules are now spoken…

  1. This blog “Thinking is Hard Work” represents my personal opinions. It in no way represents the opinions of my employer, Brescia University College, nor does it represent the opinions of any organization or individuals with whom I am affiliated.
  2. I summarize both academic and professional research, sharing it with you.  But please, don’t treat this information as business advice. Each and every situation is different, so general summaries of research may not apply to your situation.
  3. I encourage you to post your comments. This blog is meant to be a place of discussion and debate, but not of hate or disrespect. You can disagree with me (as many of my friends often do), but you need to do it in a civil manner.  I reserve the right to delete any profanity, disrespectful or hateful comments, and to block anyone who posts these types of comments.
  4. I try wherever possible to observe intellectual property rights. I quote or link to sources. But sometimes, I just forget where I learned something. (Must be a sign of middle age). I’ll do my best.  If you know the source, please share it with me. I’ll add it to my post.
  5. You are welcome to link to any of my posts. However, if you wish to reproduce a post in another form, please contact me for permission to use it.

References consulted in the creation of this page:


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