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Leadership is a great deal about the leadership of self.  Mary Crossan, a prof at Ivey school of business, is doing work in the area of leadership. Crossan believes that the leadership of self […]


I had an interesting conversation today that made me think about the word “deserve”.  I am struggling these days with the idea that we deserve something.  I’ve recently seen it all over consumer […]

New School New Technology

The Skinny Professor sent me a great video “A vision of students today”  about the experience of today’s undergraduate.  It’s extremely thought provoking. Their experience is so different from my own. Co-incidentally, my RSS feeder pumped […]


I had a great e-conversation with the Skinny Professor (the SP)  today.  I found an interesting link to a working paper from the Harvard Business School, called “Goals Gone Wild“.  The paper […]