Hard Work

Refreshing Your #Leadership


Every leader hits a point where they are stale, bored, or where their leadership is in crisis.  This boredom isn’t necessarily related to productivity or to enjoyment.  With me, it happened when I realized that I was working very hard, and it just wasn’t as much fun as it used to be.  I wasn’t as creative, innovative, or even as curious as usual.  What was going on?  With some more thought, I realized that the past 10 years was the longest I had lived in the same city and held the same job EVER.  And, that every new project, every new student, every new problem didn’t juice me, because I was so confident that I could make them a success. Nothing was scary.

That is when I discovered the book Business Model You.  It applies the principles of a business model to individual professionals, to help them think through the reinvention of careers.  The discovery of this book, and some extensive conversations with friends led me to the conclusion that I need to attempt something that I might fail at.  So right now I’m working through some ideas to challenge myself.  Big, complicated, audacious ideas. That scare me silly. How will I do it? how will I pay for it? Will it really matter?  How can I do all the work required?  Yikes.  But at the same time, if not now, when? I’m now in the last scene of the play called “my life”.  If I don’t take these risks now, when will I?  And will I not regret trying?

Everyone feels stale or feels lost about their leadership at one point or another? How about you?  Is your leadership feeling a bit tired? Do you need a new challenge?  Are you facing a career crisis and don’t know where to go next?  I encourage you to use Business Model You to spark your imagination.  How will you lead differently in the future? How will you add value?

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