Women in Management

Welcome Back, Kotter


I haven’t published a blog in months.  So in an effort to slowly build up to  writing, here are a couple of interesting articles I’ve run across in the past couple of weeks for your reading pleasure.

This first article came to me via the Vocal Coach, about the annoying vocal trick many young women are using. It’s called the vocal fry. But before you read this article on the vocal fry from Time Magazine, view this short video that demonstrates the vocal fry.

Bottom line, although the research is mixed, a recently published study in PLOSone suggests that the vocal fry makes young women sound less competence, less educated, and less hirable than people who didn’t demonstrate this vocal tick. And while young men also do the vocal fry, negative perceptions of the vocal fry were stronger for young women than young men.

And speaking of evaluating people, My second reading suggestion came from Strategy+Business, called Kill Your Performance Ratings.  It pokes holes in the traditional performance evaluation process at many large organizations.   I have personally experienced many of the problems with performance evaluations mentioned in this article.  The objective of effective performance systems should be to induce a growth mind-set, not fear about rankings, (or grades).

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