The List: Hot Conversations on Bias

This week’s reading list is something of a good news/bad news thing.  The bad news? Second generation gender bias is alive and well, and challenging to change. The good news? That these stories are making the news, and are being treated as serious issues.

An article about the nature of gender bias in student evaluations of their professors.  In an online course, when students thought the instructor was male, the instructor received higher evaluations than when the students though the instructor was female, when the same person was teaching both groups.

Just telling people about gender bias does not change the bias. How do we encourage people to adopt a different perspective?  Tell them it’s wrong, and tell them it has to stop.

A parody that might have backfired. A fictionalized business case was assigned to a first year MBA class, featuring a ditzy business student who dreamed of Tiffany’s boxes and Louboutin shoes, and needed her smart boyfriend’s help to make a decision on which compensation package to take. Nothing like reinforcing a stereotype.


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