The List: Cool Blogs on Learning

Learning is a lifelong skill, but most of us don’t really think much about how we learn. Today’s List is about the science and practice of teaching and learning.

I’ve recently become addicted to PsyBlog, a blog that looks at the everyday life applications of psychology research.  Everyday I get a new post on some fascinating area of psychology, and it’s useful!  In particular there is lots of good stuff on how we learn.

I have two other new favourites about teaching and learning, both blogs that target primary and secondary school teachers.  Edutopia, the blog from the George Lucas Foundation, and Mindshift (from NPR in the US), both dig deep into some of the most important recent literature on learning.

What is really important from my perspective is that many of these same issues face us in the workplace.  As business leaders, we need to be focused on the development of competencies like innovation, evidence based analysis and others. Guess what? That’s what schools are focused on as well.  We can learn something from them.  Do great leaders have great learning skills? Are they concerned about how to develop great learners in their organizations? More and more, learning is being tied to innovation and organizational change capabilities.  With our rapidly changing world, developing learning competencies will become a key competitive tool in our modern organizations.





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