Gratitude 2014: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, or if you are from the U.S.A., Happy Columbus Day, or if you are from somewhere else, Happy Monday! As is my tradition on Thanksgiving, I like to write a post about the things and people I am grateful for.  Gratitude for what we have has been shown to increase our happiness. So here is my gratitude list:

I’m grateful for my adorable niece and nephew. The always lighten the load, and teach me at the same time.  This year my five-year old niece taught us a lesson in self-regulation while playing a game. My brother-in-law was not following the rules. My darling niece walked over to him and said, “Stop, Think and Make Good Decisions”. I know she has heard that at school, but I love that she holds us to the same standard. I suspect that we may have another teacher in the family.  On Saturday, the whole crew went to the Brigden Fall Fair, complete with goats, sheep, cows, horses, giant pumpkins,  baked goods, arts & crafts and a midway. My niece thanked her mom and dad for taking her to see all of the animals at the “festival” on the way home. These simple pleasures are what makes us happy.

I’m grateful for a job that gives me room to be creative, and to make a difference in the world.  I’m grateful for colleagues who willingly jump on my crazy bandwagons. I’m grateful that those same colleagues ask me to help with their crazy ideas.  I’m grateful that I have a job at all.

I’m grateful for friends who care about the same things as I do, and are willing to stand up in order to make a difference. I’m grateful that I can participate in politics and as a board member of a charitable organization. I learn so much from everyone when I go to a meeting or participate in an event.

I’m grateful that I am in a country that assumes that women can contribute equally with men, in a country where I am listened to, in a country where I can vote, and my voice matters. In a country where I can disagree and it isn’t fatal.

This exercise made me smile, made me happy and made be more determined than ever to pay the world back for all of  the wonderful people, things and experiences in my life. I would encourage you to take a few minutes tonight to think about what you are grateful for. Tell someone about your gratitude. It will make your day.


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