The List: What I’ve Been Reading

Many friends and colleagues send me great reads on a regular basis. So I thought I’d occasionally share some recent reading.  This post includes a number of gems on women in the workplace:

Fortune Magazine on performance reviews and gender bias.  I’ve experienced this kind of performance review myself.  I was once told to stop smiling so much, as it made me seem incompetent. I have a colleague who once was told that she was too tall, and it was intimidating (of course, a 6 foot tall man is not intimidating – he is authoritative).  And let’s not kid ourselves, it’s not just men giving these biased reviews – women are often the culprits. About six people sent me this one… tells you that it hit a nerve.

New York Times and women and criticism.  While I agree that many women struggle with processing criticism, I’m not sure that re-framing criticism to be about the person providing it is necessarily helpful advice. Sometimes, the criticism really is about you, and not about them.  It may give people an excuse not to deal with an important performance issue. Thanks to Gina Farrugia for sending this to me.

Fortune on women and the tech industry. It’s great to see that some of the leading tech companies are finally understanding that the “Bro culture” in their firms is part of reason that women don’t want to work in the tech sector.

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