Happy Canada Day

Did you know that 2014 is the 5oth Anniversary of the adoption of Canada’s flag? Yes, the Canadian flag as we now know it is only 50 years old. Yet is one of the brand images of Canada that has become iconic all over the world. The Maple Leaf has deep roots in Canada. During the first and second world wars, Canadian soldiers wore the Maple Leaf on their shoulders. Canadian  athletes sport Maple Leaf tattoos. Students put flags on their backpacks while traveling over the world.

The lesson of the Canadian flag? That the public owns brand images, not the creator of the image. We imbue the flag (or in fact any brand image) with attributes – those that we believe for which Canada stands. Perhaps that is why you see advertisers like Target incorporating the Maple Leaf in their logos.

Target loves Canada Billboard

But keep in mind, that slapping  a Maple Leaf into your logo isn’t enough.  Just ask Target. The Canadian market is different from the US market. Understanding those cultural differences is critical to success in this market.

Happy Canada Day.





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