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Gratitude & Work: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving (at least if you live in Canada). As Thanksgiving is a holiday of gratitude, today’s post will be all about the things I’m grateful for at work.

I’m grateful that I work in a small institution that values teaching, and provides me the privilege of teaching small classes, so I get to know my students. I’m grateful to my colleagues who are, for the most part, encouraging and supportive. I’m grateful to my co-authors, Mark and Heather, who have helped me in so many ways I can’t tell you. (And, Mark, thank you for patiently editing my papers, explaining the whats and whys of grammar and punctuation). I’m surrounded by wonderful people at the bigger university that our institution is affiliated with, who are also supportive, friendly and helpful.

I am thankful for the engaged, fun and enthusiastic students I teach. I’m thankful that I get to debate the world with our philosophy and political science professors (whom I usually disagree with, but we always leave with a smile).

I’m thankful for the encouragement of my blog readers, (thank you Susan, Paul, both Steves, David, Vince and all the other readers out there). I’m thankful to the Skinny Professor and all my friends who encourage, challenge and occasionally give me the kick in the pants I need, (you know who you are).

Although there are days when I have frustrations at work, I know I have a good gig. Who else would pay me to think, read, write, talk and listen all day?
It’s important for all of us to be thankful for our work, after all, many people are looking for work, or are under-employed. We need to be grateful because we live in an era where we can look to work for inspiration and meaning. And we need to be grateful, because it helps us manage the times when stress and conflict make work less than enjoyable.

So what are you grateful for at work? What gets you up in the morning?

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  1. Great post Colleen. Grateful for much. To have a good job. To be surrounded by intelligent and thoughtful colleagues and clients. A short commute. And work that inspires me to get after it every single day.

  2. I couldn’t agree more … I’m grateful that my work is more than how I earn the money I need to live. It is a significant source of meaning and purpose in my life. I have the audacity to believe that the work I do – the teaching, facilitating, writing – contributes to others being more thoughtful about what they are trying to achieve and that, ultimately, my work affiliates me with others who are trying to cultivate a more creative and equitable world. I also value the learning inherent in my work … may I retire before I ever make the mistake of thinking I know it all! Thanks, Colleen.

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