#Leadership: Enough Strategizing, Just Get Out There

Humour sometimes expresses a lot of our frustrations in the workplace. My friend the marketing manager sent me this one recently, which made me LOL, largely because of the truth behind it. Sometimes, when we aren’t confident about taking action, we talk ad nauseam about strategy. To the point where nothing gets accomplished.

So here are my five steps to developing strategy:

  1. Do the analysis – How much meat did I catch last year, and how.  Who caught more meat than me?
  2. Write the strategy – What kind of meat am I going to catch this year? Where, when, how am I going to be faster than the guy who caught more meat than me last year?
  3. Develop the plan – Who, what, when, where, why, how much?
  4. Execute the plan – Just go kill something.
  5. Rinse & Repeat – Practice until you get better at killing something.

You get my point. Strategy is useful, but if you don’t get outside and execute the strategy, then strategy is useless.  Good leaders get stuff done. So if you find yourself stuck, just go “kill something”.


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  1. I like the five steps. They have worked for me in the past with a couple of fairly extensive strategic planning exercises.
    There is one conditional item that is missing that is the oil to the gears in making this work. Each item must be executed by a different mind set. Even if you are a small company, when doing a strategic plan, you beg, borrow, steal or even pay for the individual talents needed. The person/team doing the analysis can not be the person/team doing the planning or killing something. The reverse is also true. Killers usually aren’t the best data gatherers.
    Give the job to the right people, give them a deadline and short of a major disaster don’t look back until you are in the Rinse & Repeat cycle.

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