Values & Beliefs: Creating Meaning in Brands

Brands are containers of meaning for consumers. They communicate our values, beliefs and they allow us to express those values to others. They are also part of our culture, that is that the contribute to our culture, especially brands that tap into deep nationalist feelings.

Today I saw an amazing video from Molson, who had five Canadian musicians play the Canadian national anthem, using nothing but Molson Canadian beer bottles, cans, kegs and boxes. Take a look:

Molson has done a brilliant job leveraging all of the Canadian identity myths in an entertaining, engaging way.  Not only is it creative and inspiring, it captures our pride, but does so in a way that is humorous and not too chest thumping. (We don’t like to be too boastful in our nationalism). The following Molson Canadian ad is perhaps the most iconic:

For those of you thinking about your brand, what are the iconic myths that you tap into? How have you created a brand that leverages the beliefs that your customers have about themselves?


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  1. This version of the Canadian anthem makes me thirsty for some Molson Canadian. Not that I have tried it before…As a matter of fact, I dont even drink beer, but the video had a weird effect on me.

    • It’s interesting how marketers (I’m a reformed marketer myself) have the ability to tap into one’s subconscious and convince us to do stuff we didn’t know we wanted to do. Hope you are enjoying the Olympics….:)

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