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Now, Another New Social Network

The latest two hot social media are Pinterest and Tumblr.  Pinterest is a virtual cork board — a place where you can pin all of the visual things that interest you.  You can then re-pin. It’s being called “social scrap-booking. It is integrated into facebook and twitter.  Tumblr is a “micro-blogging” site – a place to post and surf little mini-blog posts. Tumblr had 120 million unique visitors world wide in January 2012, according to eMarketer.

I’m finding Pinterest very interesting.  Its user base is slanted toward young, college and early career women.  You can see this influence just by looking at the board topics – fashion, art, celebrity and beauty. That said, I’ve found some interesting infometrics on pinterest boards. It reminds me of the sharing of ironic photos on Facebook.  Engaging and fun.  According to eMarketer, Pinterest had 11.7 million unique U.S. visitors in December 2011, up from 7.5 million in November.

I love all of this information washing around on the internet, through all of these social media. However, I continue to wonder whether I have the attention and focus in order to absorb all of the info floating around. Merely checking my Facebook and Twitter profiles seems to suck away hours each day.  According to eMarketer, the average Canadian Facebook users visited FB 14 days during the month of Sept 2010, and spent 340 minutes on FB during that month. That’s almost six hours a month on FB.

I guess my point here is that we all need to be intentional when we choose to engage with social media.  Understanding why we are using a specific service, what benefits it provides and what risks it entails is essential to effectively using these great services. Randomly jumping in is likely to cause you lots of distractions with little productivity to show for the time you spend.


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    • Absolutely. In fact, Social media is my biggest distraction. Way more fun than actually doing work. But way less productive. My friend Randall Craig says that we should select the social media that best fits with our business objectives and just use that media. Trying too many just for the sake of trying, becomes overwhelming and unproductive.

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