Once You Go Mac You Never….

Hi, I’m a Mac, I’m a PC.  Don’t those ads make it seem simple to convert from PC to Mac?  Don’t believe it.  I finally made the decision to switch last week.  I’ve been thinking about making the change for over a year.  The final straw that broke the camel’s back was that my back was literally aching. My 8.5 pound lap top just got to be too heavy to haul around and my shoulder and back was paying the price.

So I went out and bought a MacAir.  Three and a half pounds of sheer delight. And, I paid the seller to transfer all of my files from my PC to my new Mac. Ta Da!  Good to go.

Except, that I wasn’t good to go.  First, all of my 3,000 files were transferred, but, oops, none of my folders got transferred.  So I can’t find anything. Literally. Until I found the folders in a completely different place than the rest of my files.  Now I’m completely confused.  HMMM.

Then, I went onto the App Store to buy Keynote, Pages and Numbers.  And lucky me, the App store kept rejecting my password.  So it took several hours to get those apps downloaded. SIGH.

Then I took my lovely new laptop to class for a lecture.  My PowerPoint presentations opened in Keynote pretty well.  So far so good.  But the adapter I use for my iPad to connect with the class projector didn’t work with my MacAir, so now, I need to go out and buy another adapter. Thirty-five dollars later.  GRRRR.

Then I decided I wanted to buy another app, so I went onto the app store again, and it rejected my password again.  Reset again!  So then I tried to use a gift card that a friend gave me.  The code was slightly scratched, so I couldn’t read it.  Every version of the code I used was rejected.   And, the place the card was purchased does not provide refunds on gift cards.  Twenty five dollars down the tubes.  ARRGH.

Next I decided to hook up my printer.  When I purchased the laptop, I was assured that pretty much all printers would work with my MacAir. I get it to the office, hook it up, and voila, my HP 1018 does not work.  I go to the HP website, where they inform me that they do not provide printer drivers for Mac for this printer.  Now I need a new printer. Off to the store to buy a new printer. One hundred and eighty-nine dollars later.  OUCH.

I have not yet transferred my iTunes music from my iPod yet, so I’m sure that there are more fun and games to come.

Now let me say, that while it is taking some time to get adjusted to the new operating system and applications, I’m sure that with time, I’ll make the adjustment.  I’m going to an “intro to Mac” class on Saturday to speed it up. I’m already appreciating the power of Keynote and Pages.

But I must admit, I wonder if Mac advertising is over-promising and under-delivering when it comes to transitioning from PC to Mac.  Instead of feeling excited, I now feel a little bit disappointed.  And that is not good for a brand.

Addendum (Sent to me by an anonymous friend with great sympathy for my situation on December 1, 2011)

A Mac Psalm Number 23.

The Mac is my shepherd, I shall not cringe

He maketh me to fall screaming on my green carpet

He forceth me to cry the still waters

He restoreth my distrust

He leadeth me in the paths of insanity for his trademark

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of truth

I will fear no salesman

For thou art with me

Thy programs and thy apps, they comfort me

Thou preparest a padded cell before me

In the presence of mine old PC

Thou anointest my head with confusion

My cup is broken

Surely goodness and mercy shall never find me

And I shall be lost in the house of the Mac forever.


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  1. Definition: ADVERTISING – The art of telling just enough of the truth in such a way as to make the consumer believe a lie!
    I know, at the moment you are gritting your teeth and hearing in your mind, “I told you so!” Really, that’s not my intention 🙂 I’ve been in the computer field since unit record was considered a high-tech advancement and I can still program on punch paper tape. That is only to say that “Any Conversion”, software or hardware, is simply a nightmare. Absolutely nothing lives up to the (seemingly) promised expectations when a consumer gets their hands on it.
    My hat is off to you for the courage to take on both a hardware and software conversion (two nightmares for the price of one – plus accessories). You will master your new computer, that’s just who you are. Keep a good supply of tissue and your favourite stress tool handy. They will be a comfort.
    Oh! Did you hear that artificial intelligence is soon to be released?

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