Loss and Learning

The last week has been one of loss.  We’ve all heard about the passing of Steve Jobs.  But many of us did not hear about my friend Sue Minns who died of cancer last week.  In many ways, you couldn’t see two more different people.  But in many ways, they shared similar traits.

Sue was afflicted with MS as a young adult, yet somehow she managed to see the opportunities in her disability. In all the years I knew Sue, she was always laughing. Sue’s faith and personality made her resilience in the face of adversity possible.

Last night I was talking with my friend the Consultant about the sadness I felt about the loss of both Sue and Steve.  In some weird way I also thought that they were connected.  Both were people of profound spiritual beliefs (although those beliefs were quite different), both were incredible communicators, both had charisma in buckets. But it was the Consultant who spotted the real similarity — both were passionate about their life’s mission. Both were profound leaders in their own ways.

And their passion changed those around them. Rather than being sad, I’ve decided to be inspired by Sue and Steve.  I want to learn to be passionate and resilient, just like Sue. Maybe I’ll never have the impact on this world that Steve Jobs had, but maybe my passion for my mission will help those in my little corner of the planet, just like Sue.


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  1. My sympathies on the passing of your friend Sue and congratulations on making the choice to see the silver lining. You just made a difference in your little corner of the world.

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