Blackberry Fails to Attack Apple Weakness

Want to buy an iPad2?  Don’t bother.  Despite all of the heavy advertising on air for the iPad2, there aren’t any in stock anywhere that I can find. Not at the Apple Store, not at the local Mac dealer, not at Best Buy.  Nowhere, no how.

And get this. They have been forbidden, yes, forbidden from taking waiting lists.  All I can do is phone each store every day.  If they have one, I have to immediately drop everything I’m doing to drive to the store, all the while praying that someone else doesn’t get there first.

This is a nice problem to have if you’re Apple.  And a bad problem if you are Blackberry.  They have just launched their new Playbook, competitor to iPad.  And I don’t want it.  Why? Not because of the lack of apps.  Because it will never become the standard, and I think that the iPad will become a standards for web consumption technology.   Poor Blackberry.  They are taking a kicking in the press, which has negatively impacted users’ perceptions of the product, perhaps unfairly.  But as I’ve said before, life is unfair. 

So the question is what is Blackberry doing to take advantage of Apple’s current inventory woes?  Nothing.  Not one thing.  Here I am, waiting for Blackberry to tell me why a Blackberry is an acceptable substitute for an iPad. Every store I went into this week had Playbooks on display.  When I asked sales reps about the iPad, not one of them tried to steer me to a Playbook.  Not one even mentioned the Playbook as an alternative, even though it was on display not ten feet away. 

Blackberry is wasting this opportunity.  Who knows how long there will be a chink in the Apple armour?   A good marketer would jump on this opportunity.  So where are you Blackberry?


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  1. Re Apple’s iPad 2 – buy direct. I just did. They said it will be delivered in 1-2 weeks and I will wait, happily. If retailers can’t make their inventory available online, it’s ridiculous for you to waste your time calling them, IMO. Go direct.

  2. Exactly! Order direct from Apple Canada online – pick what you want, place order, it ships out to you within 1-2 weeks – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

    Then pick a case for it – I have the RocketFish Keyboard Capsule one now and am liking it.

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