Inspiring others: Leadership Vision

An important part of leadership is the effective communication of a vision. Recently, leadership theorists have started to explore whether different types of vision are more effective than other types. 

Socialized visions which emphasize altruism, social responsibility, the inclusion of followers and consider the greater good of the community will inspire followers.  Visions which focus on the leader, which focus on self-interest and an emphasis on the leader, authority and achieving competitive dominance have been found to be inspiring only to people with lower self-concepts.  These more narcissistic visions are called “personalized visions”. 

We know that people are more motivated when they have a purpose.  And the leader’s vision may help employees see their purpose in the workplace.  The most effective visions are those that take into account the interests of many stakeholders. 

Is your vision for your organization or department a socialized vision?  Or is it one that is all about you?  Could you be inspired by a vision that is all about personal self-interest?  Or would you be more inspired by a vision that is inclusive?  One that has a positive effect on the community as well as the organization.

What is your leadership vision?


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