Relevance: A new marketing paradigm

When I was learning how to be a good marketer a millenia ago, we never really talked about relevance, at least in terms of media placement.  Did we care about relevance?  Of course.  The problem was that we didn’t have the capability to place media so that it only reached audiences for which it was relevant. When you bought women age 18 – 34 that’s exactly what you got.  And consumers didn’t really expect to only see relevant advertising, because they knew that it wasn’t possible.

Of course, with the digital revolution, things have changed.  Or so I thought. Last week I was online on a Canadian website (you know, the ones with the .ca instead of the .com in the address).  This should be a strong indicator to advertisers that the audience for this website is Canadian.

Part of the price I pay for using a free website, is occasionally being exposed to advertising.  Usually I ignore it. But that particular day I saw an ad for Swiffer, brought to me by the kindly people of P&G. The ad offered some high value coupons, so I clicked on it.

After several clicks, I finally found the coupons in question.  Sure enough, the coupons were clearly labelled, valid only in the USA.

So now I’m annoyed.  I’ve been promised something, and I can’t get it. Because of the digital age, I now expect marketers to provide me with relevant advertising, because they can. And when they waste my time with irrelevant stuff…. well you see my point.

Today, we expect relevance.  We get bored when we believe something isn’t relevant.  (Believe me, I see it in my classroom everyday).  Being able to deliver the right message, to the right audience in the right way always was a marketing core competency.  And technology has just upped the ante.

What have you done recently to improve your marketing core competencies?


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