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I’m one of those people who always fills out the test yourself quizzes in women’s magazines.  You know, the questionnaires that help you decide if you have a good relationship, if you communicate well, or if you are a narcissist.

So when I found the VALS survey, I was intrigued.  VALS is a tool designed to help marketers have a better understanding of the psychological drivers of consumer behaviour.   There are eight types within the VALS framework.  These types are based on the consumers primary motivations (whether they are interested in ideals, achievement or self-expression), and their degree of resources (traits like energy, self-confidence, intellect and novelty seeking).

Each VALS type behaves differently,  for example, 98% of innovators have used the internet in the past 30 days, as compared to 61% of believers.  Innovators are more likely to walk for exercise and buy organic food than the other seven VALS types.  Check here for more demographic and behavioural info by VALS type.

My primary VALS type is Innovator, and my secondary is Thinker. I always love these typeologies, because no matter what type you are, it usually says something nice about you.  But I also like these typeologies, because, if we’re being honest, they help us understand ourselves a little bit better.  Understanding how we see ourselves and the gap between our self-perception that of others can help us learn.

Want to take the VALS survey yourself?  Just click here.


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