Social media

Facebook and Marketing

On Wednesday, I shared some research from Millward Brown regarding Facebook and consumers’ willingness to share private information to improve the relevance of their online experience.  Today, I’ll be talking about Facebook and the idea of community.

Two recent studies from both Millward Brown and Exact Target respectively suggest a theme.  People who fan a product on Facebook “view Facebook as primarily a personal – not marketing channel … and less than half of Facebook users believe that marketers are welcome participants on social networks” (Exact Target, 2010) 

Traditional marketing methods will fail in the social media environment. Marketers need to build understanding of your consumers,  build trust, build relationships.  That means building a highly engaged platform, where your fans can then evangelize on your behalf.  Most importantly, a brand manager has to give up control in social media.  And that is hard to do.

So if you have plans to engage with social media in the near future, make sure that you ditch your presumptions about how marketing works at the door.  It’s hard, never-ending work to participate in social media.


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