Bad Social Marketing

Yesterday, I wrote a post about WalMart that wasn’t very flattering. As my posts are automatically promoted on Twitter, I received a tweet from @powermatdeals, offering me a coupon for powermats, because I was shopping at WalMart.

I have no idea why because they thought I was shopping at WalMart, I would want a coupon to buy a powermat online.  Aside from that, I wasn’t shopping at WalMart, I was annoyed with them for stupid, inaccurate, non-customized marketing.  And then powermat does the same thing, as a result of my rant about WalMart’s stupid online marketing.

So now I’m annoyed with Powermat for sending me an irrelevant Tweet.  Dumb social marketer.  Dumb.


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  1. Colleen, I get these all the time and they are usually so ludicrous that I just have to laugh. These bots are so poorly constructed like the one you received. They are just plain comical. They are damaging to the brand as you noted. I can tell you that it will

  2. Colleen –

    You are correct that this was an example of bad marketing. Managing a brand like Powermat, you get a lot of new technologies approaching you to use their services. Some we like, some we don’t. This time we thought this particular vendor would be beneficial for the brand. However, this morning we found out that this bot had sent close to 1,000 tweets over the weekend! Suffice to say, we were pretty unpleased with this and have since stopped using this particular service. Working in social media I can tell you that this is definitely not the way to promote products online. You are correct and sorry for the inconvenience.



    • Thanks for the great follow up. Often it’s how you handle a screw up that matters, not the screw up itself. Good for you to immediately manage the situation. And like a good social marketer, you also did individual follow up, and even found my little blog.


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