Why work needs to matter

This past week I had an exciting experience.  A news aggregator called PRDaily included my post on loved and valued priorities on its homepage for a day.   My site visits more than tripled versus a normal day. People started to retweet my post.  It started to seem like what I had to say mattered to other people.

Daniel Pink, in his book Drive, and Dan Ariely, in his book the Upside of Irrationality, both note that meaning or purpose are important factors in motivation. It’s really hard to keep posting three times a week in this blog.  I’m not sure that I would do it if I didn’t think that it was providing value to others. But knowing that others read it, and care about what I post, makes the effort satisfying.  Knowing that what you’re doing has purpose helps us get up on the mornings when we’d rather pull the blankets over our heads. 

As members of any community, whether work, family or society, we need to help create meaning for ourselves and for others.  What have you done recently to create meaning?


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