Social Media and Remembrance Day

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Floating through Facebook the other day, I noticed that a good friend, Julie had “liked” Canada Remembers. The Canadian Federal Government has developed a Facebook page to promote our understanding of Remembrance Day.

Whether or not you agree with the political choice to go to war is a separate issue from the sacrifices that the men and women of the armed forces have made. And Remembrance Day offers us an opportunity to reflect on those sacrifices and be grateful that we have freedom, peace and security in our homeland.

One of the challenges of Remembrance Day is to help young people understand the importance of gratitude, and engage with the idea of remembering. Using Facebook is a great way to connect with the millennial generation.  Now all they need to do is to develop an emotional connection.  The Facebook page needs to tell the stories of our veterans.

One of my dislikes of social media is that while it is easy to express an opinion, and social media makes is easier, it is more difficult to actually DO SOMETHING about it.  We need to direct all of this support to something worthwhile. We need to care for our veterans and their families. Let’s see if we can put our money out their, not just platitudes.


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  1. Very good point. I think the “Canada Remember” campaign is a good idea. I also really enjoyed looking at photos of friends who were tagged participating in various ceremonies.

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