Inspiration and a Clap of Thunder

Inspiration.  Writing blog posts three times a week is one sure way to learn to appreciate inspiration. How does one get roughly 150 ideas a year to fill the virtual pages of a blog? Usually a conversation or some experience hits me over the head.  Or a friend suggests an idea.  I have to blog about that…  But today, I drew a blank. I just couldn’t come up with anything worthwhile to write about. Nothing inspired me.

Except, perhaps inspiration.  What inspires us?  Inspiration is such a personal thing.  How does something just occur to us, that makes us want to paint, write, think or do something? How do we get those brief flashes of insight? I don’t know.  But what I do know is that I know how to spot them now, because I’m more attuned to when they happen. Research about entrepreneurial identity identification shows that there are a lot of factors affecting the identification of opportunities. Things like experience, knowledge, creativity, openness to new ideas, extraversion.  One of those factors is merely consciously choosing to look for those new ideas.  The more we look for ideas, the more practice we get at spotting them, the more ideas we actually see.  Perhaps inspiration is a bit like that.  Being open to new ideas and constantly (consciously or unconsciously) looking for inspiration in everyday life.

My friend Jack, the artist, recently told me of a moment of inspiration.  As I looked at his most recent piece, he told me that a small kid had asked him, “how do you draw thunder?” Which led Jack to paint thunder. We often think of inspiration as a clap of thunder.  Yet the seeds of inspiration are around us everywhere. We just have to look for them.  And then, we actually have to do it… but that is another post.


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