150 Million Blogs and Growing

In the past, I have opined about my obsession with improving my blog stats.  I just found a new website called blog pulse that tracks all kinds of stats in the blogosphere.

Get this, as of August 16th at 7:15pm, there were almost 150 million blogs.  And over 89,000 blogs were created in the previous hour.

There are a whole slew of implications related to this finding.  First, although it’s easy to publish, it’s very hard to get readership.  Second, as a reader, it’s really hard to sift through the sheer quantity of blogs out there to find the great quality insights. It may be even harder to develop a followership than in the old school era of books and book tours.

Very few bloggers make any meaningful money from their efforts.  For most of us, a blog is a labour of love.

In the end, there will be many of us talking to the ether, with very few actually reading. There will be fewer of us who are able to talk to millions. With that kind of proliferation of publication, it’s amazing that anyone is reading my blog.  So thank you to my friends, family, and those whom I don’t know, who religiously read this little blog.


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