Social Media: Branding vs. Tactics

I heard an interesting ad on the radio on my way to work the other day. It ended with “visit us on Facebook” as a tag. The ad didn’t tell me why I should visit their page on Facebook, just that I should.

So I tracked down the company’s Facebook page. And found a page promoting contests. Which makes me ask the obvious question. Okay, obvious to me. The point of social media is to develop a deep, meaningful relationship with your customers.  To use the medium to understand them, what they want and what matters to them. Is Facebook as just another promotional vehicle? It seems to me that fan pages on Facebook just don’t develop deep, personal connections, but seem to be very loose attachments.

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t use Facebook as a tactical, promotional vehicle.  I’m just not sure that it is a long-term brand builder. I’m open to suggestions.  Can anyone give me an example of an organization that has built brand equity through the use of Facebook?  Can anyone suggest any ideas how to build equity on Facebook?  I’d love to see some great examples.

Meantime, there’s nothing wrong with using social media as tactical media, but think carefully if you’re going to make it the focal point of your branding. The jury is still out as to the best way to brand through Facebook.


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