Top 5 Research Report Sites

With apologies to Nick Hornsby, here are my top five research report websites:

Steacie Science and Engineering Library at Yor...

Image via Wikipediaick Hornsby (the author of High Fidelity), I've decided that I'll share my top five favourite sites to find useful research information:

1. Stats Canada

The best demographic data available in Canada. Much of it is free.  Check with your local community library to see if they subscribe to the paid parts of the site.  Best news of all, many local libraries now have database access online – you don’t even have to drive to the library.

2. Mintel

A fabulous resource for industry studies.  Most of these reports are paid, and quite expensive.  Never fear.  Many universities offer continuing library privileges to alumni after graduation, and many subscribe to Mintel.  Check with your alma mater to see if you have access.

3. Forrester Research (Free Registration)

Forrester has a boatload of free studies available on their website, all you have to do is register. Very helpful with online marketing, e-commerce, technology marketing etc.  Check with your local library or university library to see if you have access to the paid articles.

4. Ipsos Reid (Free Registration)

Very helpful knowledge website, all you have to do is register.

5. Marketing Sherpa

A “freemium” model, Marketing Sherpa provides great research on online marketing (email; blogging; social media; e-commerce). New research is posted for ten days for free.  Then it goes behind a pay wall.  If you subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll get notification of when the new reports become available for free.

Bonus: Marketing Profs

Marketing Profs is a “community” for marketing professionals.  Both free and paid content are available. It also has a know how exchange (forum) section where you can ask for advice and get feedback from experts.

Bonus 2: Pew Research Centre’s Internet and the American Life Project

Great, free up-to-date research on how the internet is changing the way we behave.

Hope that helps your next research project.


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