So What are You Doing about it?

Do you ever ask, “So What?” During breakfast the other morning I had an interesting conversation with a friend about her efforts for a local community organization, which participates in the Communities in Bloom program. Since our community is a “Five Bloom” community, we have a lot to be proud about.

My friend is also a tourism marketer for the local destination marketing organization.  I asked her why she was spending time on Communities in Bloom.  She felt that the beauty of the community is part of the tourism draw.  (And Richard Florida, author of Who’s Your City, would agree with her).

So I asked her, so what?  Are there any more “heads in beds”? Can you show that more people come to our community because of the Communities in Bloom (CIB) program? Do tourists even know that we are a five bloom community? It the local destination marketing organization actively promoting CIB? Is there a weekly garden tour?  Is there a website or page dedicated to community gardens? Is it on your website?  Have you taken your efforts to create beautiful gardens across the community to the next level, to leverage all that effort?

The next time you work on a wonderful project, ask yourself, So What?  What can I do to take this to the next level, to show tangible results.  Just doing the project isn’t enough. Then you have to let people know about it and get them to experience it.


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