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Past Present Future, Are you Tense?

Interesting thoughts about how technology is changing our time orientation from Professor Philip Zimbardo on Youtube:

I’ve noticed that I too have become more impatient and less willing to wait as I use technology more often.  I used to be very future oriented.  Now I’m becoming much more present oriented.  So if that’s true for me, what about the millennial generation?  Could that explain why they want to take every short cut they can, in order to have what they want now? Does that explain why they don’t want to do the work but want the degree or the job? Could this explain the explosion of cheating in universities? 

I don’t know if this is the case, but what I do know is that the tendency to wanting everything right now is making us busier than ever before, more stressed, more tense and less happy. Maybe there is a need to balance where we live, rather than exclusively needing to live in the present. (And I reward all of you who got the grammar joke in the title with an A+ in the topic of bad academic humour).


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  1. I’d add one more thing – and that is technology changes our expectations about the performance of others. Do we expect email to be returned over the weekend? Many of us do. Is it right and reasonable? That’s a different story.

    The late Jane Jacobs, in her last book “Dark Days Ahead” noted the rise of credentialism as a phenomenon that established differences between job applicants but did nothing to generate wisdom and insight.

    The other problem is silly corporations, many of which ask for marks and then make hiring decisions on statistically insignificant differences. Insane, but commonplace unfortunately.

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