Social Bookmarking can be helpful

Social networking is all the rage these days.  Recently a colleague from the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (lets call her the qualitative girl) shared with me some new online marketing research tools.  And how did she do that?  She shared her website list that is available on a social bookmarking site called Delicious.

I could look at the sites she uses a lot, and then decide whether I wanted to book mark those sites for my own easy access.  While I found the logistics a bit complicated, I eventually got the hang of it.  So now, when I want to share my public book marks (you can keep your bookmarks public or private), I can just send you to my delicious page.  So I decided to add it to my blog.  Just look down the bottom right hand side and eventually you will find a link.

This is great!  Instead of having to load up a couple of hundred links in the websites of every course I teach, I can upload one link and presto chango, the students have access to a wide variety of credible sources of information.

Wow.  Technology can be used for good as well as for evil!


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