Almost half of all Canadians are on Facebook

Another reason for businesses to get their heads wrapped around social media?  According to, 47% of Canadians are registered Facebook members, as compared to 42% of Americans.  Only Hong Kong, Norway and Iceland have higher Facebook penetration. The US ranks tenth in penetration. 

The fastest growing age group in Canada on Facebook?  Hold on to your socks  — is 65+.  Grandparents are flocking to Facebook. 

I’m not sure what this means in terms of marketing strategy.  Largely I see Facebook as a personal communication tool rather than an advertising tool.  But, that said, social movements start on Facebook.  Just ask Betty White. So as a marketer, how do I create a conversation with my customers that isn’t forced or about selling something?

In fact, I wonder if Facebook users are even interested in anything except status updates, photo sharing and private mail.  Are they at all engaged in fan pages? Yes they become fans, but does that mean that they engage with the brand in a meaningful way? It’s easy to sign an online petition or become a fan, but it doesn’t mean that you have a real commitment to the brand or the issue.

I don’t know the answer – but I do know that it’s essential to figure this out to be a successful social media program.


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