You get what you measure

For some reason, I have become obsessed with my blog stats. There’s no reason for this, except my ego wants to have more readers. That said, I’ve noticed some trends.

  1. Whenever the weather is good, the number of visitors drops.
  2. Whenever the weather is bad, the number of visitors increases.
  3. Controversial headlines causes increased visitors (see the post Hitler was Authentic)
  4. Funny headlines increases visitors
  5. Mundane but educational posts (see Strategic vs Tactical and SWOT) get a lot of search engine traffic long after they have been posted
  6. When someone retweets my posts, I get a slight lift in visits (thank-you)
  7. The biggest lift comes from some of the blog surfing websites like Heavy Rotations and Blog Surfer
  8. The more often I post, the higher my visits

The lesson here? First, good content improves readership. Second, social marketing efforts matter. Third, more posts are better than fewer posts. And Fourth, there are going to be ups and downs that are out of your control.  In summary, it takes a lot of effort to build a blog audience.

So does it matter how large your readership is? I guess it depends.  If your objective is to build a promotional platform for a book, by all means, take the effort to build a massive audience.  But if you’re building a business, you want your target audience to read your blog, not a massive world-wide audience who aren’t your customers.  What is my objective? To write about what matters to me, and to share with people who care about the same things. So I guess I’ve learned that my blog stats don’t really matter after all. What matters is that it’s the right visitor.  So in future, I’ll be measuring my blog’s success by the quality of feedback it get, not the number of visits it gets.


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