Hard Work

A Waste of Talent

The news this week about Bob Probert and Lindsay Lohan started me thinking about the nature of success. Probert had talent, so does Lohan. But talent isn’t enough to survive in the world of modern celebrity. It takes focus, determination, luck and more than a bit of emotional stability. It appears that neither one was blessed with the stability it takes to keep an even keel in the spotlight. And so, enduring success eluded them. Perhaps their celebrity made their problems worse.

I’m saddened by the news this week of Probert’s death, and by Lohan’s sentencing.  Not because they were/are good or bad. But that somehow their talents have been wasted. And that is a sad thing.


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  1. I remember watching a documentary about celebrity culture and youths. They gave a list of jobs to teenagers and asked them out of the list (which included everything from the President of the USA to CEO to Firefighter), which of the jobs would you want to aspire to. The number 1 answer was a Celebrity Assistant!!!! I thought that was so sad! But in this “reality tv” day and age, it seems that may people have the opportunity to become a celebrity and that becoming a celebrity based on talent seems to be the more difficult route to take. I am always astonished at who becomes famous, and for what reason… and why people buy-in to them! I am just glad that I don’t buy those celebrity magazines, watch those entertainment shows or MTV. I remember when celebrities actually DID something with their Talent to become famous. I grew up with celebrities like Michael Jackson, how could celebrities all of a sudden become a bunch of rich kids who are on tv talking about things that nobody should really care about! I think this is the REAL Brain Drain… Youths obsessed with reality shows on MTV… and thinking that the characters lives should be similar to theirs!

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