Death By PowerPoint

Interesting post on the Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.  Although I’m not anywhere as good as Jobs at presenting, I’ve used many of these techniques, and I can tell you that they work.  Ditching the traditional approach to the PowerPoint “Deck” is not only freeing, it works better.  Persuasiveness comes from the presenter, not from the slides.  Slides are supposed to support the presenter, not replace her. 

Next time you give a presentation, look at your slides.  If the audience could read them and understand your point without you there, just give them the slides and skip the presentation.  Better yet, write an email and skip the whole slide development process.


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  1. Also suggest Presentation Zen and Slide-ology. Both great – you’re on the right track IMO and I have found that getting rid of PowerPoint makes most things better (at least PPt as it’s traditionally used).

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