Organizational Behaviour

Everything in Moderation

I’ve been running across articles recently that all warn against overdoing something that has been touted by the business gurus as the thing to do.  Today, it was a warning against too much collaboration.  Recently there have been warnings against goal setting and overdoing your strengths

We treat prescriptions for behaviour as magic pill that will make everything turn out all right, so we embrace the ideas to the point of extremism. Moderation allows us to take advantage of the upside of risk (that is growth, improvement, performance), and lessen the likelihood of failure (the downside of risk).

Collaboration, goal setting and leveraging your strengths are all useful concepts, if they are implemented in moderation and are consistent with the context of the situation. But humans seem to have two settings: On or Off.  Yes or No. We struggle with the idea of moderation. For me personally, moderation is a hard place to find. But I keep trying.


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  1. What about Oscar Wilde’s comment to the effect that the only way to understand something is through excess?

    Seriously, the pragmatist in me says that as there are few unquestionable truths, using each idea as a tool is worthwhile (use it till it becomes unviable or worse, entraps us). But if the tool is working, keep on using it.

    In other words, the mantra of balance is just as potentially wrong as the mantra of excess.

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