Old School New School

I was having lunch with a new colleague on Friday, when I mentioned that I was thinking about ditching my “old school” paper notebook that I keep with me to jot down thoughts, notes, the random stuff that runs through your brain while out of the office. I thought that I might actually get with the 21st century and get a blackberry, or an iPod Touch.

My new colleague warned me quickly. If you have Vista and are using WinMail and not Outlook, neither Blackberry nor iPod Touch are compatible with WinMail. Apparently the techies at RIM and Apple don’t like Vista, so they haven’t bothered to make it compatible with Vista applications.

Never mind that it is almost impossible to purchase a new PC these days without Vista (believe me, I tried). So apparently, in order to use this miracle of a wireless device, not only do I have to purchase it, pay a monthly fee, but I also have to purchase a copy of Outlook, an antiquated piece of software, to run my Next Generation software.  Never mind that it took me several hours and a lot of tech support to figure out how to save my inbasket from Outlook into my new WinMail app on my brand new computer. Now I have to go back to Outlook?

Yes, we now  have it. The technology industry has now become as user friendly as the banks in Canada. So much for Apple’s vaunted user friendly design. Where are the marketers to stop the insanity?

I guess I’ll be staying old school for a while yet. At least my notebook only costs $5.99 (CDN)


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